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WINTERPACK alias WIPA – Trading company in Packaging Materials

Since the founding of the company WINTERPACK in 2004 a lot has changed on the market of packaging materials. Also our company has developed since then, we have increased the number of our suppliers and customers, and also we managed to have more and better products and services. Our shorter, simpler name WIPA is already accepted in our branche, which is also shown in our company logo. The basics however are still the same: professional staff and high quality products and services. To achieve all of this, we work close together with well-known international producers and big wholesale companies. Welcome to our website!



Thanks to our longtime cooperation with Slovak and foreign producers of polyethylene materials, we are able to supply our products in the highest quality. Our main products are HDPE & LDPE Films and bags in various thicknesses and colors. We offer them in up to 4 colors inline printed, and up to 6 colors offline printed.


Pallet wrap, Stretch film, Fixation film – terms for this packaging material, which is produced to firmly fixate the load on the pallet, to secure the load against damage during transport or storage, moisture, dirt etc.

We do not offer all kinds of stretch film in various thicknesses, core-weights and qualities. In our program we only offer low thickness films with high pre-stretch possibilities, to ensure the maximum amount of stretched pallets from 1 roll of stretch film. In this case we offer our customers the right fixation of their product combined with lower consumption of stretch film, and much lower packaging costs per stretched pallet.

Before we send our quotation we visit our potential customer and test our film in his company under realistic conditions. To be able to make a right and honest comparison and show the advantages of our films against the currently used film, we process the collected data such as gross roll weight, core-weight and measured current film thickness. During the test we stretch the test pallet with the same amount of windings with both current and our reduced thickness film, and show the customer that even with our thinner film, the pallets still meet his requirements. Based on the collected data, we send our price offer mentioning the most important factor, the price for 1 stretched pallet, not the price per kilo is decisive.
We also provide figures which show how many kilo’s of film you can reduce your consumption with, how many less kilo’s of paper core you could have, and last but not least you also help the environment by using less film!


Palletwrap netting is used in the same way as traditional stretch film, to fixate the products on a pallet. Our palletwrap WIPANET can be stretched up to 15%, so you can manage to have a perfectly wrapped pallet. WIPANET with the unique Reflex Action stretches to grip any shipment size or shape, and amazingly retracts to nearly its original length – without stretching your budget.

The big advantage of using WIPANET is the very open structure that allows the products on the pallet to breathe. Satisfied customers who are using this net are packaging vegetables like potatoes and onions, eggs, firewood, or packaging products which still have high temperatures, or need to be quickly deep-frozen.
By using WIPANET you will avoid problems with condensation, which means no fungus on your products/boxes.

We supply WIPANET both for manual and machine use.


Solid board edgeboards are protecting your products. Various lengths from 50mm till 6000mm, in various thicknesses and strengths. We supply them in white or brown, printed till 2 colors, water-resistant quality possible.

By using our edgeboards you will have following advantages:
• less damages during manipulation and transport
• better fixation of the packed products
• protection against damages from strapping
• better stability and load pressure if you put them inside the box
• pallets look much better


We provide a broad range of HACCP disposables for different branches. From this range you can choose by material, sizes, types or colors. We mostly sell gloves, headdresses, aprons, sleeve covers, shoe covers, but also our Secure&Clean covers for crates and palletboxes for the food industry.

We are the distributor in Central Europe for Polyco®, a pioneer and one of the biggest producers of industrial gloves which allow your employees to work in a safe and successful manner. We will help you choose the right protection, offer them at fair prices, and test them in your factory in your conditions. Not the price is decisive, but the quality, so that your employees are perfectly protected against heat, cold, abrasion, cuts and chemical hazards.



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